May 25, 2022


RAWAJ Program Vision 2020

RAWAJ 2020: Why?

The internal trade contributes annually to the creation of wealth at the height of 11% (the value added of the sector, at the current price, is established, for the year 2006, a 63 billion dirhams) and employment Approximately 1.2 million people or 12.8% of the active population of Morocco distributed on more than 850,000 points of sale, including 40% exert in the form ambulante, occasional or saisonniere mainly in rural areas. The strategic choices are ambitious, has the Horizon 2020,:

  • triple the current GDP of the trade.
  • Bring the contribution of trade to the national GDP was 15% (against 11% for the year 2006).
  • create more than 450,000 jobs.

It is as well as the program for the development of commerce and distribution, named “RAWAJ Vision 2020”, is focused on the four commercial actors:

  • • medium and large distribution.
  • The independent trade.
  • Trade in network and the franchise.
  • Public Spaces Merchants under the responsibility of the commons (wholesale markets, slaughterhouses and les Halles to fish).

Ambitious objectives

  • improve the conditions of supply of the citizen Morocco
  • improve the standard of living of the Traders
  •  increase the contribution of the value added of the sector to the national GDP
  •  Create opportunities for jobs


I- plan” commercial ATTRACTIVITE”

  • Strengthening of the ATTRACTIVITE of the commercial offer.
  • Improvement of the environment of the traders in the trade.

II- plan” environment of the commercial enterprise

  • Large and Medium Distribution.
  • wholesale markets, slaughterhouses and les Halles to fish.

Sectoral measures

  • Trade near
  • The large and average distribution
  • The wholesale markets in fruit and vegetables, slaughterhouses and les Halles to fish

trade in near
the trade of near occupies an important place in the national economy in the light of its participation in the creation of jobs and wealth. This mode of commerce, economically and socially anchor is the national identity, RECELE countless strengths and is highly appreciated among the Moroccan citizen.

In effect, the competitive advantages of the trade in close proximity resident in:

  • The close proximity to the consumer.
  • the facilities of payment granted to the client through the Book of credit.
  • Schedules of openings adapted
  • Contact customizes between the trader and the consumer.

Despite these advantages, the small trade remains subject has several Difficulties both internal and external hampering its development and its competitiveness, in particular because of:

  • The emergence of new modes of trade.
  • The influence of non-Sector structure.
  • The Competition of the Fairs and Exhibitions operating direct sales.
  • the absence of practices and modern techniques of sale and management that can respond to the needs of consumers.

The program RAWAJ Vision 2020 underlies the development of the commerce of the proximity the reorganization of its structures and the modernization of its modes of management.

To do this, the program RAWAJ Vision 2020 provides for the establishment of a mechanism of funding dedicated, inter alia, the creation of a fund for the development of trade that will:

Funding the projects launched by the local communities for the purpose of organizing the commercial spaces, modernize public spaces and amend sites for the sedentarisation of itinerant traders.

  • The support to the dissemination and promotion of modern techniques of management
  • The accompaniment and the modernization of the trade in close proximity in rural areas, especially in the field of rehabilitation of the souks and the marches in rural areas.

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