May 31, 2020

International Partnership

Conventions partnerships

The the CCISDT is committed to open its national and international environment. Several conventions of partnerships and cooperation were signed with several national and international institutions in order to exchange experiences to develop the economic competitiveness of industry and trade of service sectors and encouraging investment.

Economic and Social Development Institute


Sisco is a valuable partner of 50 N. Africa that helps to create links between countries and companies through direct collaboration, and Tepresence WebX Platform. Ised Solutions provide practical training based on the needs for associations of enterprises in North Africa through an American State Development grant from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

“Partnership with Allworld on N.africa50” is the next step of the program (MEPI). It aims to show the visibility of the key growth areas and businesses that business associations represent.

For more information, please contact the following email:  and

Bulgarian companies, looking to establish contacts with reliable Moroccan partners

  • Elmot SA – Electric motors, electric hoists, geared motors, components for cranes
    73 Street, Nikola Gabrovski, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
    Phone: +35962641951 / +359642845 – Fax: +35962644861
  • Naturebase JSC – production of etheric oils (rose, lavender) for cosmetics, nutritional additives
    3 Stadiona str., Hrishteni 6050, Bulgaria
    Phone: + 359 886 32 11 32 / + 359 886 30 30 66
    Email: – Web-
    A contact: Mr. Georgi Belichev, Business Development Manager
  • Elcabel – electric cables
    Phone: +359 56 813087 – Fax- +359 56 813663
    A contact: Mr. Dimitar Gramatikov, Export Department
  • Corte Diletto Ltd. – ice
    2 E “A.E.Geshov” bd, Business Center Serdika, 1612 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone: +35924238811 – Fax: +35924233811 – Mobile: +359 887 550770
    Email: – web:
    A Contact: Kalina Halatcheva, Managing Director
  • Deroni – production preserves, seeks canned fish
    Address: 36, Dobrudzha Str, 6300 Haskovo, Bulgaria.
    Email: / – web:
    A contact Aneta Yotova-Smith, Phone: +359 38661167/68/69 – 359 889 849 444
  • Agrobulros – liquid organic fertilizer
    8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
    Phone: +359895674779
    E-mail: – web:
  • Art House “DA” – organic soaps, candles SPA
    Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    Phone: +359888811012 / +359876639197
    A contact: Ms. Desislava Deneva Antonia Miteva
  • Body-color – Car paints
    10B Dzherman Str., Ilientsi, Industrial Area, 1271 Sofia, Bulgaria
    General manager: +35 98 88514393
    Sales Department: +35 92 8380569/8380305
    Fax: +35928380525
  • ECCO-F.S.A. – Dairy products, cheese
    10 Vladayska reka str., 1510 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone: +359 888 24 74 36 – Fax: 35929367794
    Email: – Web:
  • Weiss Profile – leader in the production of PVC profiles and aluminum systems for doors and windows.
    Phone: +35929360093
    A contact: Ms. Katya Krumova, Secretary
  • Spring Care Ltd. – Travel agency – balneo tourism, spa tourism, cultural tourism
    Mobile: +35988 7536 635 / +35987 6995 565 / +359 2 9617007
    A contact: Diana Marinova, General Manager
  • Elmatech – pumps and electric motors
    1, Academician Angel Balevski Str., 5600 Troyan, Bulgaria
    Managing director Maria Baneva
    Phone / Fax: +359 670 63164
    Email: /
  • SkimProt Ltd. – Protection of bank cards against skimming
    16 Abagar str., Gorublyane, 1138 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone: +359 2 9307899
    Email: – Web:

List of partnership agreements signed by the CCISDT

Subject to the agreement The parties Goals
The provincial commission for human development Ouarzazate DCIS The ratification social projects presented to the Commission and provide training to associations and cooperatives benefit from this initiative.
The regional fund for film activities in the region DCIS and regional council SMD and film commission in Ouarzazate. The training and supervision of investment projects in film (preparation of studies and constitution of grant files)
Managing Annex ASMDI (Association Sousse Massa Daraa Initiative) The rooms of Ouarzazate and Agadir Service Management from the ASMDI
Agreement of the project after Phase Mokawalati under the Millennium challenge. DCIS and the national agency for the promotion of small and medium enterprises. The accompaniment of a sample of beneficiary companies MOKAWALATI in the post establishment and training of managers responsible for DCIS MOKAWALATI window.
Partnership and Cooperation Agreement in the field of scientific research. The DCIS and the University Qadi Iyad and multidisciplinary faculty. The public work for the upgrade of small businesses.
Partnership Agreement The DCIS and BNSTB Exchange of experiences in outsourcing and companies working in this field.
The inclusion of DCIS DCIS in association ASCAME in the mediterranean ASCAME News and participation in economic meetings

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